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My French lessons with Sarah

Salut tout le monde!

I found Sarah and her French classes by chance when I was looking for a native French speaker to improve my basic French and learn more and more about the French culture and the language, of course.

I’m very happy with the decision I made after two months of doing classes with her.

Language lessons using Skype were new for me and I wasn’t sure if doing language classes by Skype would be a really good idea. Now, I can say that Skype language lessons are great.

What I like the most is that Sarah talks to me in French and I think this is the best way to learn a language.


In my opinion, learning a language does not mean that you do the class with your teacher and you expect to speak the language perfectly. Learning a language means to be constant, responsible and work after the lessons as well. That’s why, I really appreciate when Sarah sends to me a very useful feedback, which is fantastic, after our French lessons. It helps me a lot when I have to do my homework and I’m sure I could use all of her feedbacks in the future. They are well structured and very comprehensible.


In addition, she sends me homework and when I send it back to her, she corrects it and we talk about the mistakes I made at the beginning of the class. This is good for me because if I do still not understand the grammar, she explains it to me again and she will send me (if I want to) more exercises to improve it.

I find that my French lessons with Sarah are great. We do different things such as grammar, pronunciation exercises, speaking, writing and listening amongst other things, whilst she, as a native French speaker, shows me her culture.  

À bientôt!