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With Trad’Esprit you can be sure that your translation will be carried out by skilled and qualified professionals, your guarantee of a top-quality, fast and reactive translating service.

Our qualified and experienced translators are at your service to translate your documents into the language of your choice. Whatever the type or subject of the document, each translator is highly specialised in an area of expertise, to ensure a quality result.

Each translation is subjected to careful proofreading, either by the translator himself or by a proofreader so you can be sure of getting a precise and careful translation.
Trad’Esprit has worked to create a transparent and personalised translation service. A project manager will handle your assignment and is always available to answer all your questions. 

The terminology and language used by your company are respected so that the final document reflects your corporate image.

We guarantee strict respect for professional confidentiality and are willing, on request, to sign a confidentiality contract prior to any work being carried out.

General translation

The documents in a general translation contain little or no specific terms or technical vocabulary.

Technical translation
Technical translation is handled by a translator specialised in the relevant area. A high level of expertise in the field is called for as well as thorough research to translate the terms and vocabulary.

Medical translation
Medical translation is one of the most complex and technical areas of translation. It is carried out by a specialized translator.

Sworn or certified translation is the translation of official documents such as civil status records, extracts from the Chamber of Commerce, legal judgements etc, made by certified or sworn translator accredited by a French court of appeals. A sworn translation is declared as being a « certified true copy » and bears the signature and stamp of the translator, making the translated document an official document accepted by French courts of appeal and public administration.

Software or website localisation involves not only translating the user interface from one language to another but also adapting it to the local culture. With internationalisation, software can be adapted for use in totally different environments to the one it was designed for. Your software or website will look as if it was created in a different language right from the start!

Proofreading is used to check that a translation corresponds to the original text or to work on a text in the language of your choice.
A qualified native speaker translator checks your document and makes any necessary comments or modifications.
It is an effective way to make sure that your document is well written without mistakes in the grammar, terminology, punctuation or style.

New client? We will be happy to give you a free sample translation of a few lines from your project.

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