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With Trad’Esprit you can be sure that your interpreting needs will be met by skilled and qualified professionals, your guarantee of a top-quality, fluent and dynamic interpreting service.

To assist you in meetings or conferences where a foreign language is spoken, Trad’Esprit has created an interpreting service available everywhere in France and abroad..

Our experienced and qualified interpreters offer you a top-quality service in the language of your choice. They can provide different types of interpreting services, always with the same fluency and dynamism.

Liaison interpreting
Liaison interpreting is generally used during small group discussions, commercial negotiations, interviews, meetings, debates and informal talks where interpreting short passages of speech is preferable.

Consecutive interpreting
The aim of consecutive interpreting is to convey everything contained in a presentation (ideas, anecdotes, etc) in short sections of several minutes and by making use of notes. This kind of interpreting is more suitable for lectures or long speeches.

Whispered interpreting
The interpreter sits next to you and translates the discussions simultaneously by whispering in your ear. This kind of interpreting is ideal for an individual listener, for example during an official visit.

Simultaneous interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting is carried out instantaneously without interruption to the speaker, making it the most direct and pleasant form of interpretation. The rhythm of your meeting is not broken up and the delivery and result are not affected by the interpreter. It is the type of interpretation to choose for meetings or lectures involving more than two languages. The interpreter translates what he hears being said directly to his listeners. For large conferences or seminars one or more cabins will be used for this type of interpretation. Lighter more mobile equipment can be used for visits, training sessions or events with a smaller number of participants.

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