Languages are our business
  • English
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Español


  • A wide range of areas of expertise (general, technical, medical, legal, sworn translations, web sites, localisation, etc.)
  • A large choice of common and rare working languages 
  • Quick and responsive service


  • Liaison, consecutive, simultaneous and whispered interpreting
  • A wide range of languages and areas of expertise
  • Available all over France

Language classes

  • FLE lessons, French spelling and grammar workshops, lessons in English and other languages
  • For all ages
  • Private lessons in person or by Skype with experienced native speaker teachers

Trad’Esprit guarantees :

Trad'Esprit guarantees you a top quality translation by combining efficiency and rapidity. We respect your terminology and the language appropriate to your company and offer you personalised follow-up and a completely transparent service. 

  • A high-quality translation
  • A quick and responsive service
  • Qualified and highly skilled professionals
  • Personalised handling of your translation project from start to finish 
  • A quote suited to your needs
  • Professional confidentiality 

We put our linguistic and cultural skills at the service of your company to ensure a faultless communication approach and help you work efficiently alongside your partners abroad.

News :

7 Essential Tips For Learning A New Language

Do you struggle to learn languages? Would you love to learn but think it’s just not for you? Lots of people want to speak another language because it opens up so many new possibilities. It allows you to travel to new places, work in new environments and communicate with new people. Plus, learning can be a great hobby.

However, if you think about the bulky process and learning methods – the 30 other learners with who will share a room, the strict teacher, the long journey to reach the class, the expensive book to buy, the boring topics, etc. – it’s easy to feel discouraged.

Nowadays, who wants to (or can) sit for hours in a classroom? No one. We don’t have much time to dedicate to learning a new language. We don’t want to be passive learners using old fashion methods, we want to be active learners and mostly, to learn efficiently! And you know what? It is possible – just follow my tips!